Dobney Foundry LTD.Our years of working with architects, landscape planners, individuals, corporations and municipalities have given us the depth of experience and dedication to customer service unrivalled in the industry. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means the product needed is delivered on time at a very competitive price. We stand behind every product we ship.

  • Range of Products

    We carry hundreds of styles of landscape architectural products. This means that we provide a choice of all the elements needed to complete interior or exterior landscaping. Because our wide range is readily available, this means faster shipment to our customers.

  • Safety Standards

    All of our products meet or exceed the standards for class 30 gray iron per ASTM A48. Load tests are performed on all standard designs and specific load tests on specific grates can be performed if required. Pedestrian-proof grates can be provided for, or designed to meet, any requirement.

  • Finishes

    Standard unfinished gray iron will, over time, develop an attractive patina which will not damage the iron and requires no upkeep. Products can be provided prime-coated, powder coated in any specific colour, or galvanized. Other finishes can also be applied if needed to suit a particular demand.

  • cnk
  • CNK Series
  • A Classic two piece set designed with an interior radiating rectangular pattern, trimmed with an interlacing woven frame. ADA Compliant.

  • ivy
  • IVY Series
  • ¬†Finely nestled ivy leaves and vines radiate a Victorian garden style pattern. Excellent for any commercial or residential site.ADA Compliant.

  • trench
  • Trench Grates
  • Even the highly functional trench grate can be an element of style and beauty. Expertly created in cast iron or ductile iron, these grates can add an all-important finishing touch to any style of indoor or outdoor landscaping project.
  • Trench Grates are supplied in a number of designs, from standard municipal and industrial grates in a range of sizes to those specifically suited to pool and deck areas, urban projects, and low traffic areas.

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