ince not long time after the turn of the century, when paved streets began to replace the dirt roads which traversed and connected towns and cities, street castings have been part of outdoor urban architecture. Today, with the revitalization of what have become heritage areas, the demand for cast iron tree grates, tree guards, bollards, benches and decorative lamp posts has increased.

For decades now, our foundry and its iron castings have been a part of these urban landscapes, providing tree grates in a variety of designs and finishes.

The versatility of these products allows landscape architects to provide original, creative effects with tree grates taken directly from stock. For a completely unique project, custom designs can also be accommodated within a slightly longer time frame.

We take pride in delivering - promptly - the most reliable castings available today. Our quality standards and commitment to service are second to none in the industry. And we take satisfaction in providing, whenever possible, iron castings recycled from scrap metal.

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