Custom products available, all tree grates made of Ductile Iron.

SP-36 | SP-48 | SP-48D | SP-60 | SP-72
Tree Grates - SP-Series This square pedestrian-proof grate has 1/4" (6mm) openings, making it highly suitable for use in shopping malls, building entrances, sidewalks and other high traffic areas. Simple, two-or-four-piece (in larger sizes) construction provides for easy installation. These grates come in five sizes, up to 72" in diameter. ADA Compliant. [more details]

ST-36 | ST-48
Tree Grates - ST-Series This square grate suits many architectural styles and adaptations. The 16" (406mm) inner circle can be broken away to permit growth. It is available in two sizes, 36" (914mm) & 48" (1215mm), and is well suited for boulevards, plazas, and other open areas. ADA compliant. [more details]

Tree Grates - TF48-Series Spreading majestically along a city boulevard or creating an oasis of shaded tranquility in a residential courtyard, trees bring a beauty to any urban setting. Our tree grates protect and enhance that beauty, with designs that range from the elegantly simple to the impressively elaborate. Each is patterned and finished to complement virtually and architectural setting, giving protection to the root ball and root system, while providing for easy watering and drainage. [more details]

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