Plaza receptacles provide an attractive solution to litter control in public places. These receptacles are available with a variety of top options: spun steel flat tops, dome tops and ash dome tops, hinged flat tops and hinged dome tops. These receptacles can also be supplied with hinged side opening doors.
Receptacles - Plaza Series TR-11 Trash Receptacle

The TR-11 trash receptacle has a 37 gallon steel liner and a hinged side opening, self latching door for easy access. A rain shield is also available. Ask about the complimentary PTR-11 planter and AU-11 ash urn!
Receptacles - Plaza Series TR-1224 & TR-12 with Optional Ash-Dome
The TR-12 and the new slim TR-1224 flared top trash receptacles are fabricated with 1-1/2" steel straps to match the Plaza series benches. Special attention is given to the flare which is welded and ground smooth. Picture shown with optional ash dome (left: TR-1224; right: TR-12, with optional ash dome).
Receptacles - Plaza Series TR-3 with Optional Hinged Side Opening Door
The TR-3 trash receptacle features circle detailing that blends with many traditional settings. It is shown with the optional hinged side opening door. Picture shown with hinged side opening door.
Receptacles - Plaza Series TR-3.2
The TR-3.2 features the same circle detailing as the TR-3, but only at the top for a less ornate appearance. It is shown with a spun steel flat top. Picture shown with flat top.
Receptacles - Plaza Series TR-4 with Optional Hinged Dome Top
The simple clean lines of the TR-4 blend with many settings. Picture shown with optional hinged dome top.
TR-10 Trash Receptacles
The TR-10 expanded metal trash receptacles are ideal for small spaces that require litter control. The TR-10.1220 receptacle is 12" in diameter and 20" deep. The TR-10.1530 is 15" in diameter and 30" deep. Both are fabricated with ?" expanded metal with a powder coated finish. Options include a 3-1/2" OD mounting pole and a wall mount bracket. Picture shown: TR-10.1220 Trash Receptacle, Pole Mounted.
Receptacles - Landscape Series The TR-1 trash receptacle is fabricated with milled 1-1/2 x 1-5/8 elements and has a powder coated spun aluminum top rim. An optional ash top is available. Picture shown with Ipe.
Receptacles - Landscape Series The TR-2 trash receptacle is available with straight or tapered sides, fabricated with 2 x 4 wood or recycled plastic. Optional tops include a hot dip galvanized dome top or spun steel flat or dome tops. Shown with optional spun flat top.
Receptacles - Landscape Series The TR-5 square receptacle is fabricated with 2 x 4 wood or recycled plastic. Shown with optional hot dip galvanized dome top. Picture shown with Recycled Plastic.
The TR-8 and TR-14 steel rod receptacles beautifully compliment the Esplanade benches. The PTR-8 planter and AU-8 ash urn complete the accessories.
Receptacles - Esplanade Series TR-8
Especially suited for pairing with the Esplanade series benches. Available with flat or domed, removable or hinged tops.
Receptacles - Esplanade Series TR-14
The TR-14 is a unique square receptacle that beautifully complements the Esplanade series benches. Fabricated with 1/2" round bar welded to 3/4" steel tube frames. Galvanized 40 gal. liner powder coated to match Height: 34" Width: 26"

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