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Lamp Posts - The London Model Bringing light into the darkness has been a timeless symbol of warmth, security and safety. The warmth cast of the pool of brightness spreading below an urban light fixture adds beauty and comfort to open city areas, lighting the way through city streets and into residential developments.

Increasingly, civic officials have come to recognize the importance of keeping and restoring the historic areas of our cities. Preserving the richness of the past, the original feeling of the cities, has given today's urban landscape a vital link with history and added character to offset the sterility of endless streets lined with towers of steel and glass.

This style, known as "The London Model", is a 19th century cast iron lamp post ideal for patios, driveways, pool decks, historic areas or as sidewalk lighting for urban renewal projects. It is equally suitable for indoor mall use. A variety of light fixtures can be used with this post.


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